Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend placing your florals in a cool place away from bright sunlight and heaters. You will want to check the water level each day, making sure that all of the stems are fully submerged. Some water may be lost during transportation, so it is always good to double check the water levels when you get your floral arrangements to your destination.

Yes! Every product comes with a vase with water already in it. Bouquets will be given with a vase of water to keep them hydrated and fresh.

The only things that will not come in a vase with water are boutonnières, wrist corsages and flower crowns. These products will be sprayed with a hydration and protection product and will come in moist bags.

We require orders to be in at least two weeks before the event. This is so we are able to plan to get the best and most fresh blooms of the season for you!

$1,200 is the minimum amount that we allow for orders. For each arrangement and product, we use a wide variety of the most beautiful and fresh blooms of the season. In order to get such a large variety of flowers for your arrangement

The minimum order total was also determined by the amount and varieties of flowers necessary to create these lovely beauties, as well as that we intend these products to be combined with one another for intimate weddings and events.

The florals you receive will be unique, but similar to the product shown. Your arrangements will follow the same style and overall color palette while varying depending on which blooms are most beautiful and fresh from the season.  You will receive arrangements that are gorgeously one of a kind. Having this creative freedom and direction allows us to create our most exquisite and beautiful work.